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Birthday parties

Paintball Birthday Party

Starting at
$60 per player

All packages include everything you need to play, and all equipment – stay as long as you still have paintballs. All bookings are 2 hours.Β Each player gets:

For busy parents looking for an all-inclusive convenient party package. Includes everything above and the following for hassle-free kids birthday parties:

πŸŽ‰ FREE Private Party Room for bookings over 10 players

Paintball Marker

Paintballs (0.50 Caliber)

Full Face Mask

Full Body Coveralls

Ice Cream Cake

Personal Pizza

Soft Drink

100% Bio-degradable. Water Soluble. Less Mess. More Fun.

Our paintballs are 100% bio-degradable, water soluble, and do not stain clothing. They are also smaller than our competitors, which allows players to play without the fear of being hurt! Regular paintballs are .68 calibre, and are about the size of a nickel. Ours are .50 calibre, and are the size of a pea! Less impact, means less tears and a better experience.

What is Paintball?

Is Paintball Safe?

Paintball is considered one of the safest sports in the world. If you don’t believe us, you can look it up! Statistically more people are hurt playing golf, hockey, bowling, or even sport fishing than paintball. We have a 100% safety record and we intend to keep it that way.

We are insured with a maximum liability, and ages 6 and up. (Though we start at 8 years old) – but it shows you how confident our insurance provider is with what we do!

Does Paintball Hurt?

We’re not going to lie, it certainly can. We are the only paintball field that offers a smaller paintball, which allows for less impact and a more enjoyable experience.

It all depends where you get shot, and from how close. Sometimes you don’t even feel them. Women get a free vest that covers the torso, as well as kids 16 and under, so it eliminates the tender areas.

All our coveralls have built in neck protection for added protection in that sensitive area. We even have disposable cups!

25,000 sq. ft. indoor field

Our Facility

25,000 Sq ft. Indoor field.
The 1 & Only.

For Ages 8 +

Birthday Parties

Ages 8 +

We offer turn key birthday parties for ages 8 and up! Only kids play with kids and times are restricted to provide better service. We do encourage parents to join the kids, as long as everyone plays fairly.


Cake is a cookies & cream ice cream cake from Sara’s. It is provided with plates, forks, and napkins, and candles. All food is nut free. If there are any allergies, we have allergy-free single serve ice cream!


Pizza is a personal pizza from Pizza Hut, with your choice of toppings, so everyone gets what they want! Choose from Pepperoni, Hawaiian or Cheese, chosen on the day.Β In the event Pizza Hut is unable to provide personal pan pizzas, we will provide Domino’s medium pizzas.


Drinks are Pepsi Soft Drinks. Choose from 7 different selections, or a bottle of water.

First Person Shooting Experience

Gameplay Footage

Vancouver's 1 & only Indoor Paintball field

100% No-Rainout Guarantee

This city isn’t called “RAINcouver” for no reason. Why chance your most important day of the year to Mother Nature. Book your next party with B.C.’s Largest Indoor Paintball Facility. It’s no fun sitting in the rain soaked, and blowing out wet candles.

BC's Only Premier Paintball Facility

BC’s leading paintball facility offering indoor washrooms, high speed WiFi Internet, music, comfortable seating, viewing area for friends and family, and much much more. Don’t be left out in the rain like the rest. Come to the BEST!

Birthdays & Special Events

Make it an exclusive private booking – where it’s just your group playing for an additional $20 per player. Private bookings are eligible Monday-Thursday. We are unable to provide exclusive private bookings on weekends.


10+ Players? Unlock the Private Room

All of our birthday packages of 10 or more players come with a room for everyone. Only kids play with kids and times are restricted to provide better service. We do encourage parents to play with their own kids and parties, but we do not mix the two together at once.

Schools & Teams

Want to bring your school? How about a new way for students to practice fitness?

Starting at
$45 per player

We provide prime time slots for students and schools looking for better recreational activities to get kids out and playing!
We also provide a consent form and an Ackowledgement of risk forms to adhere to ISABC, and the BC Infants Act.
These prices are for school entities and do not apply to University or College students, unless through a school program.

Corporate Events & Non-Profits

We have worked closely with dozens of societies across BC to provide accessible and affordable solutions for charities.

Starting at
$30 per player

We understand as a non-profit organization, it’s difficult to find things to do in the city, and we love helping out our community!

The same applies to churches, volunteer associations, and fundraising initiatives.

Fridays 6 - 10pm (0.68 Cal)

Equipment Owners

Own your own equipment? We have days specifically set for equipment owners, and we only shoot .68cal for it.Β 


Entry is $25 if you own your own equipment. Friday evenings are gun owner .68 cal nights, starting at 6pm. Gravity fed loaders only. Rip clips are allowed.

Cut-off time for drop-in is 1 hour after start time.

Off Days

Private Bookings

Player Count
10 Players

Cut-off time for arrival is 1 hour after booking

$30 each

$30 per player x 10 player minimum, or $5 with membership

Time limit
3 hours

Booked outside normal airsoft days and hours

Custom Rules
1 Referee

You can admin the games yourself, your rules, or have us do it.

exciting. rewarding. Suprising fun.

Book a real life

Call of Duty Experience

Richmond Indoor Paintball is for thrill seekers of all ages.

Corporate Events

Conveniently located 15 min from the Canada Line Skytrain Station in Downtown Richmond. Large open parking area for team building corporate events.

Birthday Parties

Airsoft is safe to enjoy for all ages above 8 years old. We provide an all-inclusive party solution for busy parents, from the cake, pizza, drinks, to the staff to make sure your kids have a safe and fun time.

Special Events

Whatever the celebration, whether it’s a stag party, or year end school field trip, Richmond Indoor Airsoft is here to help you make memories you’ll never experience anywhere else this convenient in Vancouver. Book your event or contact us to see how we can help make any special occasion even better.


1. Waivers

Waivers must be signed and completed prior to arrival.

2. Melee Disabled

No rubber knife kills.

3. FPS Limit

250 fps measured with 0.68 cal, 10 BPS, no full-auto.

4. Full Face Mask Required

Full face mask required (ASTM certified), must remain on at all times in the arena.

5. Semi Auto Only

Semi-automatic only, maximum of 10 bps. No full auto.

6. Mercy

10 meter mercy rule. Yell “BANG BANG” to force a surrender.

7. No Blind Fire

No blind fire what-so-ever.

8. Strict enforcement

Strict chronograph enforcement, any violations of marker altering during game play will be immediate removal and a life time ban.

9. Gun Hit Disables Marker

Gun hit disables marker, alternate weapon allowed, respawn activates marker.

10. Dead players

Dead players yell “HIT” with hand in the air, no shooting marker.

11. Rifles

3 mag max, max 200 rounds on person.

12. Pistol

Max 200 rounds on person.

13. Pump Action Shotgun

No limits.

14. Semi Auto Shotgun

3 mags max.

15. SMG

Max 200 rounds on person.

16. No LMG

No light machine gun markers allowed.

17. No MMG

No medium machine gun markers or miniguns allowed.

18. Sniper OK

Sniper is OK but frowned upon πŸ˜‰

19. No Shooting lights

Shooting lights is immediate dismissal and lifetime ban.

20. No Overshooting, max 3 hits

Max 3 hits. If players do not call their hits, please contact a ref directly. Do not engage the player.

21. Cheating is immediate dismissal
Call your hits or you’re going home.