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Richmond Indoor Airsoft

Vancouver BC's Only Public Indoor Airsoft Arena

What is Airsoft?

Minimum Age: Must be 13 years old to play.

The cost of paintballs is considerably higher compared to airsoft pellets. 

Airsoft BB’s are small 6mm plastic balls that don’t explode into paint on impact, so your clothing doesn’t get dirty. Military simulation enthusiasts love this for realism and little to no clean up. 

Paintballs hurt way more than airsoft BBs because paintballs can be up to 10x heavier than airsoft BB’s. If shot at the same speed of 250 fps, paintball hits feel way harder causing bruises and welts. Airsoft BB hits will sting but the affected area is usually much smaller.

Saturdays 7PM - 10pm


Airsoft Rental Package
$50 per player

All packages include everything you need to play, and all equipment – stay as long as you still have BBs. Each player gets:

First come first served, or reserve. Must arrive prior to 6:30pm or booking is forfeited. Please note that we have very limited equipment. Calling prior to booking is recommended to confirm availability.

Paintball Marker

6mm Bio BB's (0.25g)

Full Face Mask

Full Body Coveralls

25,000 sq. ft. indoor field

Our Facility

25,000 Sq ft. Indoor field.
The 1 & Only.

Tuesdays 6 - 10pm

Equipment Owners

Each player gets:

 No reservation required. Cut-off time for drop-in is 1 hour after start time.

We offer in-store items for your convenience:

No corkage fee for BLS Bio BBs. If you bring your own BBs, there is a $5 per player corkage fee.

Mondays 12 - 8PM / Tuesdays 12 - 4 PM

Airsoft Private Bookings

Minimum 10 Players Required (Subject To Availability).

Initial Deposit Required. Call to Place Deposit

Do you have a group of more than 10 players? Want the whole place to yourself?

$20 additional per player (private fee) + $50 (rental equipment) or $25 Admission (bring your own equipment) x 10 player minimum 

* Required: Airsoft rentals required or bring your own gear.

Cut-off time for arrival is 30 min after booking. A late start does not allow you to to stay longer.

2 hour time limit. Booked outside normal days and hours (Mon 12-8pm / Tue 12-4pm).

AIRSOFT ONLY: You can admin the games yourself with your own gameplay rules, as long as you are following our safety rules. You can also have us admin your games.

First Person Shooting Experience

Gameplay Footage

exciting. rewarding. Suprising fun.

Book a real life

Call of Duty Experience

Richmond Indoor Paintball is for thrill seekers of all ages.

Conveniently located 15 min from the Canada Line Skytrain Station in Downtown Richmond. Large open parking area for team building corporate events.

Whatever the celebration, whether it’s a stag party, or year end school field trip, Richmond Indoor Airsoft is here to help you make memories you’ll never experience anywhere else this convenient in Vancouver. Book your event or contact us to see how we can help make any special occasion even better.

Richmond Indoor Airsoft

Rules & Guidelines

1. Waivers

Waivers must be signed and completed prior to arrival.

2. Melee Disabled

No rubber knife kills.

3. FPS Limit

330fps measured with 0.20, then maximum bb size is 0.25 after chrono with 0.20.

4. Full Face Mask Required

Full face mask required (ASTM certified) – mesh bottoms okay.

5. Semi Auto Only

Semi-automatic only, maximum of 3 bbs per second. No double triggers. No full auto.

6. Mercy

10 meter mercy rule. Yell “BANG BANG” to force a surrender.

7. No Blind Fire

No blind fire what-so-ever.

8. HPA Rules

HPA okay, strict chronograph enforcement, any violations of marker altering during game play will be immediate removal and a life time ban.

9. Gun Hit Disables Marker

Gun hit disables marker, alternate weapon allowed, respawn activates marker.

10. Dead players

Dead players yell “HIT” with hand in the air, no shooting marker.

11. Rifles

5 mid caps, or 3 high caps, or 1 drum mag.

12. Pistol

Unlimited mags unless using drum mag (only 1).

13. Pump Action Shotgun

No limit on shells. If mag fed 5 mid caps or 3 high caps.

14. Semi Auto Shotgun

4 mags max.

15. SMG

6 mid caps, or 3 high caps, or 1 drum mag.

16. No LMG

No light machine gun markers allowed.

17. No MMG

No medium machine gun markers or miniguns allowed.

18. Sniper OK

Sniper is OK but frowned upon 😉

19. No Shooting lights

Shooting lights is immediate dismissal and lifetime ban.

20. No Overshooting, max 3 hits

Max 3 hits. If players do not call their hits, please contact a ref directly. Do not engage the player.

21. Cheating is immediate dismissal
Call your hits or you’re going home.